About us

The Ibero-American Association for Responsible Research and Innovation

The Ibero-American Association for the Promotion of RRI (RRIIA) has the mission of expanding the principles and ideas of RRI in Latin-American, Portugal and Spain, to create a community of people who are active in this new vision of scientific and social development, including researchers, policy makers, representatives from civil society organisations, education and industry, to develop and implement the concept of RRI further and provide a base for research, sharing and training on these issues.

RRIIA has been created under the H2020 FoTRRIS project, on March 2018. RRIIA will evolve from simple activities, such as dissemination through conferences and workshops, to others more elaborated and focused such as training, consultancy and project development.

RRIIA is organized as a network of RRI hubs, in different Ibero-American countries, with experts on RRI who collaborate to share knowledge and resources, as well as on participation in common projects. It will be also open to the incorporation of new members, and providing facilities to implement new RRI hubs.

Nowadays there are RRIIA hubs at the following sites, and with the following coordinators:

If you want further information from RRIIA, please contact us.