The Ibero-American Association for Responsible Research and Innovation

RRIIA  intends to promote changes in the R&I system to generate RRI initiatives in the Latin-American countries, and facilitate the application of RRI on those that are already supposed to have it (i.e., Portugal and Spain). It relies on the momentum that RRI is gaining in Europe, and the inspiration that European R&I strategy produces in the research agendas of countries in the Latin-American region. Because these countries are currently working on the transformation and modernization of their R&I structures and strategies, this is a good time to participate in that process and influence for the inclusion of RRI principles. This has been one of the main motivations to develop this association with this specific regional scope.

This influence in the R&I system can be achieved by putting RRI into practice and showing that the results have more impact in terms of benefits to the society as well as contribution to sustainability. This is the case of current research projects of participants, who have changed their working methodology and team composition in the last years to become more inter-disciplinary, inclusive, and gender reflexive. This transformation has been the key for the success of the associated groups, which have grown considerable during the current crisis period. RRI will then be promoted as an opportunity to differentiate and to gain greater impact of the R&I activities.

RRIIA will be active in training, consultancy, dissemination and development of RRI. This implies the development and support with the infrastructure and means to build RRI hubs, and sharing the expertise of the different members and projects, to improve the knowledge and facilitate synergies among members. This will have an effect on strengthening the Association, both in quality (more knowledge, well proven methods and tools) and quantitatively (larger number of hubs, members, projects).