The Ibero-American Association for Responsible Research and Innovation

The Ibero-American Association for the Promotion of RRI follows the steps of the FoTRRIS project, so its vision is that of co-RRI to deal with the societal impact of research and innovation. The co-RRI concept is oriented towards humans’ and the planetary well-being, and acknowledges related international agreements to enhance ecological, social and economic sustainability. Thus, co-RRI activities build on a moral commitment to safeguard equal access to ecosystem services for all, including future generations, economic prosperity and social justice within planetary limits.

This is achieved through a working methodology that is based on a systems thinking approach, to address local manifestations of global challenges. Co-RRI aims at better understanding root causes and lock-ins of these challenges by means of a systemic analysis in order to bring a range of thinking about possible alternative solutions to the forefront.

Given the potential impact of RRI projects, they have to be carefully planned and monitored all along their life-cycle, with the cooperation of representatives from all different sectors, what is defined as the 4-helix (civil society, academia, business, public government). Inclusiveness is very relevant in this context to enhance a cooperative and collaborative process, all committed to reflecting upon and transforming the research and innovation system.

In order to foster inclusiveness and equal participation, co-RRI processes go along with transparency, access to information, and capacity-building, which enables actors engaged to evenly contribute to the process.

The co-RRI concept acknowledges that research and innovation do not take place completely detached from societal and political discourses. Moreover, co-RRI processes involve reflections, which build awareness that making choices with ethical and political implications during the co-RRI process is inevitable; therefore, it emphasizes the importance of reflexivity.

This is a long term vision that requires building and institutionalizing a network of relationship among diverse actors that continuously channels in new problems to be addressed, creatively refines and develops methodologies, processes and tools, and nurtures the commitment of multiple actors to participate in research and innovation.

The role of the association in this vision is to support its development in the Ibero-America research community, starting from an initial set of partners who are committed with this vision in different countries, and open to incorporate new partners as the concept expands.